In addition to CCA’s core curriculum, students enjoy many enrichment classes including Worship Arts, Art, PE, choir, library, and Exploratory.



Art Program Christ Classical AcademyCCA values art as an important part of classical education. Students in grades Kindergarten and above have art once a week and learn a variety of art techniques. Classroom studies from science, history, and literature are integrated into art instruction.

Physical Education

Physical Education Christ Classical AcademyK-6th grade students participate in PE two days a week, and 7th-11th grade students participate in PE one day a week.


Library Christ Classical AcademyK-6th grade students have a scheduled time once a week to visit the library with a teacher and check out books. The Accelerated Reader program is used for students in 1st grade and up to encourage a love of reading independently. Each quarter students will have an AR goal. Students who reach their AR goals are recognized and rewarded at the end of the quarter.


Exploratory Christ Classical AcademyStudents in K-6th grades participate in Exploratory once a week. Exploratory consists of two rotating areas of study/exploration: Exploring Nature and Exploring Missions.

Exploring Nature: Students explore the acres of the great outdoors in their very own backyard using the Gentle + Classical Nature curriculum.

Exploring Missions: Over the course of the year, students explore two people groups including their history, geography, creatures, art and music, daily life, handicrafts, food, and missions through Gentle + Classical On Mission


Percussion Christ Classical AcademyStudents in 5th-8th grades participate in a percussion class once a week. Students will perform 1-2 times a year.